Temu vs AliExpress: A Shopper’s Guide to Price, Quality, and Reliability

aliexpress vs temu

Temu is a new competitor in the world of online shopping. Temu is not like just any other online retailer, it aims to compete with the well-known giant – AliExpress, by offering unbelievable discounts and very fast-delivery.

But how are these two comparable? Have the sellers from AliExpress moved to Temu? If you want to know answers to these queries, check out the article below that examines the advantages and disadvantages of Temu and AliExpress.

Furthermore, we have also mentioned everything about these two platforms, including availability of sellers, prices, product quality, shipping times, and product choices. 

Temu vs AliExpress: Overview


Temu is one of the popular online marketplaces that has shaken up the entire online shopping market with its incredibly low prices. 

You just name a product; you’ll get everything you need at significantly lower prices compared to other online marketplaces. 

If you are wondering how Temu could do this, it directly connects you with the Chinese manufacturers, thus cutting any middleman.


Imagine a place that is overflowing with independent sellers, primarily from China – this is essentially AliExpress. It is another online marketplace that has become a popular retailer in the online retail world. 

But unlike Temu, AliExpress itself doesn’t sell products directly, instead, it acts as a middleman that connects you with independent sellers. All you need to do is to browse listings, compare prices and seller ratings, and then place your order.

Temu vs AliExpress: Comparison

Both Temu and AliExpress are major players in the online retailing world, but they cater to slightly different requirements. Below is a detailed comparison of Temu and AliExpress across various key factors.

Product Selection

Temu: Offers a wide selection of products, but it primarily focuses on trendy and fast fashion items and everyday essentials at rock-bottom prices.

Considering that it is a relatively new platform, you might find a good variety of goods within these categories, but the selection might not be as deep or diverse as AliExpress, particularly for specialized or niche items.

AliExpress: With a million sellers across the world, AliExpress boasts an unparalleled selection across numerous categories. Here, you’ll find everything – from everyday essentials to unique products like rare collectibles, niche items, as well as industrial supplies.

Winner: AliExpress offers a larger selection across different categories. 


Temu: We can tell that Temu’s focus on discounted pricing can raise concerns about product quality. While there are positive reviews, there have also been reports of lower-grade materials and inconsistent manufacturing standards.

Therefore, it is advised to read reviews and check product descriptions carefully before purchasing anything. You can also look for certain details like construction, materials, and functionality.

AliExpress: Quality varies greatly on AliExpress due to the vast number of independent sellers. Because some offer high-quality products from reputable brands, while others might sell lower-quality products.

Thus, prioritize sellers with high ratings and positive reviews. Also, look for detailed product descriptions, clear photos, and established brand names.

Winner: AliExpress. Though you can find various reputable brands, quality can vary greatly. 

Pricing & Selection

Temu: Temu offers incredibly competitive pricing across a wide range of products, with many items under $50 and even $10. It also offers frequent deals like flash sales and coupons.

AliExpress: Like Temu, AliExpress also offers competitive pricing, but not always the absolute lowest. Nonetheless, you might still find better deals on certain items through careful searching as well as using promotions.

Also, since it caters to a broader range of products like some higher-end options, they might come at a premium price.

Winner: Tie. Both platforms offer competitive pricing.


Temu: Temu currently offers two shipping methods – Standard and Express shipping, which typically takes 6-22 days and 4-11 days respectively for the product to reach your doorstep.

Standard shipping is free on all orders, Express shipping charges $12.90 for orders below $129, and for all orders above or equal to $129, there’s no shipping cost.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that for most countries, Temu only offers standard shipping, meaning there are no shipping costs for all orders.

While order confirmation and tracking information will be provided once you successfully place your order, it might not be available every step of the way as your orders may be handed over to the local carriers for final delivery.

AliExpress: Usually, the shipping methods are set up by the suppliers which you can choose while placing your order.  Below is the table for shipping methods that are offered in the United States.

Estimated DeliveryCostTracking InformationCarrier
11/14Free shippingYesAliExpress Standard Shipping
30-50 daysFree shippingNoCainiao Super Economy
11/12$3.60YesEMS ePacket
11/16$3.89NoChina Post Registered Air Mail

If you want more information regarding the shipping methods, you can directly contact the seller.

Though AliExpress advertises a low price, based on several reviews, we can say that one of the major drawbacks of AliExpress is its lengthy shipping times as well as high shipping fees. It often takes weeks or even months to deliver the products.

Winner: Temu. Shippings are often faster with most products eligible for free shipping.  

Return & Refunds

Temu: If a product is eligible for return and refund, you can return it within 90 days after the day of purchase. However, you should return the product if it is postmarked within 14 days after you submit your return.

If not, the return process will be terminated. Also, you might not return an item after the 90-day window, estimated from the date of purchase.

As for the refunds, you’ll only get refunds after your product is received by Temu members and passes the quality inspection. And based on your financial service, refunds can take around 5-14 business days.

AliExpress: Unlike Temu’s returns and refunds, AliExpress’s return policies vary based on the seller. While some may offer generous return windows, others might have stricter policies with shorter timelines, typically 15 days.

Therefore, it is important to check the specific return policy for each product before purchasing. Not only that, but the return process can also be quite complicated as it may involve contacting the seller directly and negotiating return terms.

Winner: Temu. Because it offers a more generous 90-day window for easier returns. 


Temu: If you are wondering if dropshipping is possible with Temu, unfortunately, Temu doesn’t offer dropshipping. They mainly focus on connecting buyers directly with sellers.

AliExpress: Unlike Temu, many sellers on AliExpress allow dropshipping, making it easy to discover products and get them without holding inventory. Therefore, AliExpress is a popular choice for dropshipping due to its wide product selection and supplier network.

Winner: AliExpress. 

Temu vs AliExpress: Showdown!

Pricing FocusExtremely low pricesCompetitive prices, some higher-end options
Deals and PromotionsFrequent flash sales and coupons 
Selection BreadthWide, but particularly focuses on trendy consumer goodsWider, specially focuses on niche and unique items
Selection DepthLimited, especially for specialized itemsDeep and diverse selection across categories
Shipping Time7-15 daysOften takes few weeks and even months
Return Window90 daysDepends on the seller
Return Shipping CostsTemu usually covers return shipping costs as long as the fault is on Temu’s or provider’s sideBuyer might have to cover return shipping mostly
QualitySince Temu primarily focuses on lower prices, quality can be a concernAs AliExpress comprises products from both reputable brands and local sellers, it has a wider range of qualities
OverallFast shipping and budget-friendly, but limited selectionCompetitive prices, huge selection, but longer shipping times

Is Temu Better than AliExpress?

While Temu offers products at incredible prices, quality can be a gamble. On the other hand, AliExpress provides a wider selection with a chance of finding higher quality products but requires more research on the seller’s reputation.

And if you need your items quickly, have a strict budget, and are comfortable with potentially lower quality, Temu can be the right choice.

But if quality is a higher concern and can invest time in seller research, you can potentially find better-made items at AliExpress.

As you can see, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. So, ultimately the best choice depends on your priorities.


Is Temu Like AliExpress?

Yes. Both platforms are known for their budget-friendly options for a wide range of products, including clothing, electronics, as well as home goods. Nonetheless, they differ in price, selection, shipping, and quality.

Is Temu cheaper than AliExpress?

Yes, Temu is often cheaper than AliExpress, but it’s the case all the time. Temu has lower seller fees and more discounted pricing strategies. On the other hand, you might find better deals on certain products, particularly for established brands.

Is Temu owned by AliExpress?

No, Temu is not owned by AliExpress. Temu is owned by PDD Holdings and AliExpress is owned by the Alibaba Group. So, they are separate companies competing in the online retail space.

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