Does Temu Ship To Vietnam? [Revealed 2024]

Does Temu Ship To Vietnam

Do you know what Temu is? It comes from a Chinese parent company and is popular for offering a good variety of collections with millions of products at low rates, always lower than the market value, and plenty of deals and promotions.

However, after its debut, it only served US citizens for quite a while, and a few months back, started serving other countries, mostly in Europe. 

This has gotten many people from different countries wanting to know if it also ships to their countries, including citizens of Vietnam. So, does Temu ship to Vietnam? To find out, continue reading this article. 

Does Temu Ship To Vietnam?

No, unfortunately, as of June 2024, Temu does not ship to Vietnam. Initially, Temu offered shipping to only a few countries from the Asian continent, and sadly, Vietnam is not one of them.

In addition to that, although Temu has been steadily expanding its business in many different countries and regions across the globe, it does not seem to have any plans to expand into the Asian continent yet. 

Temu Alternatives In Vietnam


AliExpress is a popular choice globally, best known for offering affordable products from famous brands with free shipping.

Here, you get to shop from a good variety of collections, including electronics, toys, home improvement, auto parts, and more. 


Shopee is a popular choice for Southeast Asian people – offering an enhanced shopping experience for those interested in upgrading their lifestyles.

With this brand, you can shop from plenty of collections, including footwear, accessories, home essentials, makeup products, and more. 


Lazada is a famous online shopping platform for Southeast Asians, where sellers and popular brands meet consumers.

Here, you get the shop from a wide variety of categories with altered marketing solutions, while everything is reasonably priced.

Final Words

Sadly, Temu does not deliver to Vietnam, and not even any of its neighboring countries. 

However, it has been expanding its business, so it might reach Vietnam sometime in the future, although the time is unknown. 

That is all for this article, and we hope you have the correct answer to your question – does Temu ship to Vietnam?

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Temu ship to Vietnam?

No, unfortunately, as of June 2024, Temu does not ship to Vietnam and has also not announced its expansion to that side yet.

Does Temu deliver to Vietnam?

No, as of June 2024, Temu does not deliver to Vietnam, and has not announced any plans of its expansion in that area yet either. 

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