Does Temu Ship To Papua New Guinea? [2024]

temu Papua New Guinea

When Temu started its business, it was only available in the US for many months. However, when its popularity got a power up, it took the opportunity to expand its business, but mostly in European countries.

Now, people from many different countries and regions across the world want to know if their country is also on the list — and people from Papua New Guinea are also included. 

So, does ship to Papua New Guinea? If you are interested in knowing the answer to this question and continue reading because it is mentioned right below in this article (along with some alternatives you’d probably need after reading the answer).

Does Temu Ship To Papua New Guinea?

No, we are sad to inform you that as of June 2024, Temu does not ship to Papua New Guinea. As already mentioned, it did expand its business, but Papua New Guinea is not yet on the list.

In addition to that, Temu is expanding its business across the globe, but has not mentioned Papua New Guinea anywhere near its expansion notice, so we don’t know when it will reach the borders of Papua New Guinea.

Temu Alternatives In Papua New Guinea 


AliExpress is a popular name globally – a platform that delivers affordable goods from popular brands at low rates.

Additionally, AliExpress is a good option whenever you want to buy something in bulk, and it sells almost everything you need in your regular lifestyle. 


Shein, unlike the other two alternatives mentioned, only focuses on fashion, with the prices might not be the lowest, but still affordable.

Here, you can get a taste of newly established trends and designs with plenty of sales and promotions to save throughout the year.


Wish is like the first alternative — here to offer many collections to choose from and all its products prices affordably.

Furthermore, Wish may not have as many deals as the other two, but it usually has some decent collections to check out. 

Final Words

Overall – Temu does not deliver to Papua New Guinea, and by the looks of it focus currently on powerful countries, it doesn’t look like it will come to Papua New Guinea any time soon either.

However, don’t lose hope, and you can try its alternatives and your country till it reaches your border.

With that, we will end this article here and we hope you have the answer to your question – does Temu ship to Papua New Guinea? 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can Temu deliver to Papua New Guinea?

No, as of June 2024, Temu cannot deliver to Papua New Guinea. 

Does Temu only ship from China?

Almost all the items you see on Temu are shipped from China, except for some products that can be found for cheap rates in the US and other countries. 

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