Temu vs Shein: Where to Score the Best Bargains?

temu vs shein

Shein has grown into a major fashion player in the online industry that captivates shoppers with its cutting-edge looks at incredibly low prices. However, Temu’s entry into the market has shaken up the online market as it is offering even more affordable options.

But when it comes to purchasing reasonably priced yet fashionable goods, which site is the best? Is Shein any better than Temu? Does Temu have better quality clothes?

In order to get answers to these questions, keep on reading this article where we’ll examine everything about Temu and Shein, including pricing, product selection, returns, and more.

Temu vs Shein: Which Is Better?

Product Selection

Temu: Here, you can find a huge range of products across various categories, from electronics and clothing to homeware and beauty products – all under one roof! Thus, making Temu a one-stop shop for fulfilling a wide range of requirements.

temu vs shein

Shein: On the other hand, Shein is a fashion-focused paradise, focusing primarily on trendy and affordable clothing for women, men, and children.

Here, you can get statement dresses, comfy loungewear, graphic tees, and even accessories like bags, shoes, and jewelry. However, it only offers a limited selection of homeware items as its main focus is on fashion.

Winner: Temu wins for offering a huge catalog of products.


Temu: Temu boasts a reputation for offering rock-bottom prices. They often surpass Shein’s offering, mainly with regular deals and discounts.

This primarily reflects their business model, which is connecting customers directly with manufacturers in China, thus eliminating middlemen.

Shein: Shein is particularly known for its budget-friendly fashion finds. Though their prices might not always be the absolute lowest compared to Temu, they’re still amazingly competitive.

Winner: Temu again takes the crown for offering sheer affordability, particularly if you are looking for the absolute lowest price tag. Nonetheless, Shein still remains a strong contender for offering trendy pieces.

Product Quality

Temu: Considering the prices Temu costs for its products, a lot of concerns have been raised regarding the quality. As a relatively new platform, Temu lacks established user reviews and comparisons, making it difficult to conclude overall quality consistency.

Shein: Whereas, Shein has a plethora of reviews mentioning that the quality can be inconsistent. However, you might find hidden gems that can exceed your expectations. Also, note that these trendy prices can come at the expense of long-lasting construction.

Winner: Neither platform emerges as a clear winner because both platforms require a good dose of positive approach and research before hitting the ‘buy’ option to ensure you get a good quality product.


Temu: If you don’t mind waiting, Temu’s shipping is often free and affordable, making it a great choice for budget-conscious shoppers. However since products are directly shipped from China, it can take a little longer compared to SHEIN.

It currently offers two shipping methods – standard and express shipping which take 6-22 days and 4-11 days respectively. While Standard shipping is free on all orders, Express shipping charges $12.90 for orders below $129, and for all orders above or equal to $129, there’s no shipping cost.

One of the major drawbacks of Temu is that it only ships to a limited number of countries. Moreover, in some countries, it only offers standard shipping. So, ensure that it ships to your country before ordering anything.

Shein: Shein offers two shipping options – Standard and Express shipping. Standard shipping costs $3.99 on all orders, but for orders over $29.00, it is entirely free. On the other hand, Express shipping costs $12.90 and for orders over $129.00, it’s free. Unlike Temu, Shein has placed warehouses across the globe, thus reducing wait times.

Winner: If you are flexible with delivery times, Temu can be an affordable shipping option. But. For faster shipping options, choose Shein.

Returns & Refunds

Temu: If a product is eligible for return and refund, you can return it within 90 days after the day of purchase. But ensure that you return the product within 14 days once you submit your return.

Because, if not, the return process will be terminated, and you might not be able to return an item after the 90-day window.

Also, note that you’ll only get refunds after your product is received by Temu members and passes the quality inspection.

Shein: If you are not satisfied with the product you’ve received, you can return it easily within 35 days after the date of purchase.

Once the product you’ve returned passes the quality check, refunds will be processed within 7 business days. But if it doesn’t pass the quality check, you’ll get the item back to your address. As of now, the return shipping fee for sending the rejected-return item is $7.99.

Winner: Shein’s returns and refunds process offers more clarity and potentially a smoother return experience.


Temu: Currently, there’s no confirmation on whether Temu offers a dropshipping function. Moreover, as a new platform, it is currently focusing on establishing main marketplace features.

Shein: Like Temu, Shein doesn’t directly support dropshipping and mainly focuses on selling their own inventory directly to users.

Winner: Neither.

Comparison Table

Pricing FocusExtremely low pricesBudget-friendly, but not always the absolute lowest.
Deals and PromotionsFrequent flash sales and couponsRegular deals and discounts
Product selectionWide variety across different categoriesPrimarily focus on trendy clothes
Shipping Time7-15 daysFaster shipping  
Shipping CostFree or affordableDepends on the option you’ve chosen
Return Window90 days35 days
Return Shipping CostsTemu usually covers return shipping costs as long as the fault is on Temu’s or provider’s siderejected-return item costs $7.99
QualitySince Temu primarily focus on lower prices, quality can be a concernQuality can be inconsistent
DropshippingNot currently supportedNot directly supported

Is Temu better than Shein?

Well, there’s no direct answer to whether Temu is definitely better than Shein as it entirely depends on your shopping priorities. For instance, if you want deals and discounts on various products, flexible shipping times, and lower shipping costs, Temu can be the right choice.

Whereas choose Shein, if you are a fashionista wanting to try trendy and affordable clothing and accessories and faster shipping options.

But remember that there are concerns about lower-quality items for both platforms. So, before purchasing anything from either platform, check out the reviews thoroughly and decide.


Is Temu like Shein?

While both platforms have a vast selection of products at affordable prices, they cater to different needs. Temu operates as a general online marketplace and Shein is primarily a fashion-focused platform.

Is Temu or Shein Cheaper?

While both focus on offering products at lower prices, Shein might not always be the absolute lowest. Moreover, which platform is cheaper depending on the certain product you might be looking for. But remember that focusing on low prices might indirectly translate to a range of quality across different items. 

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