Temu vs EBay: Which is Better? [2024]

Temu vs eBay

Budget-conscious shoppers who are looking for deals often find themselves confused between newcomers and well-established giants. Two such platforms competing for your attention are Temu and eBay.

Both platforms offer a vast range of products, from home goods and clothing to electronics and beyond. But, which platform reigns supreme?

To help you with this question, we’ve given a detailed comparison of both platforms where we dive deep into their key differences, helping you navigate product quality, shipping, price, and more.  

Product Selection

Temu: Temu offers an amazing shopping experience by offering extremely low prices on a wide variety of products across various categories like home & garden, beauty & health, clothing & fashion, electronics, toys & hobbies, and many more.


Though it frequently features trendy or fast-fashion products, it doesn’t comprise established brands that you may be looking for.

eBay: eBay is a massive marketplace with a large variety of products, including new, used, as well as vintage items. It comprises both well-known brands alongside lesser-known sellers.

Sometimes, the auction is conducted for vintage items, so prices can vary greatly based on the seller as well as the auction format.

Winner: Tie. Both platforms offer unique advantages based on what you’re looking for.

Product Quality

Temu: Temu’s focus on rock-bottom prices often reflects to lower manufacturing standards. According to many reviews, quality is typically considered to be lower.

So, while durability isn’t a major concern for everyday items, trendy items might not last a long time.

eBay: Though it sells old and used items, you can find very high-quality items, especially from established brands or reputable sellers. However, used items or products from unknown sellers might potentially have lower quality.  

Winner: eBay. It offers reliable quality, especially if you buy from established brands or sellers with positive feedback.

Pricing and Value

Temu: Temu is mainly known for its discounted prices, making it the cheapest option. And it can be a great way to give your budget on non-essential items.

eBay: Though you can find great deals, mainly on used items or through auctions, these are not as low as Temu’s pricing. Finding the best price required comparing sellers and considering auction formats.


Winner: Temu, as it offers absolute rock-bottom prices.


Temu: It offers two shipping methods – standard and express which typically takes 7-15 business days and 4-5 days respectively.  

Once you place your order, you’ll get tracking information. However, since your packages are handed over to local carriers for final delivery, tracking information may not be available all the time.

eBay: Sellers offer many shipping options – fast, slow, free & paid, letting you choose any method based on your requirements. Since many sellers are located within the US, it leads to quicker delivery times.

All sellers typically provide reliable tracking information for most orders. These details and updates can vary depending on the shipping carrier and service.

One of the main concerns is that the shipping costs can be high for heavier items or those with expedited shipping. It can also vary greatly based on the seller and location.  

Winner: eBay, because of its greater flexibility and vast options.

Returns & Refunds

Temu: It offers a 90-day return policy for most products. Once you submit your return, you’ll need to return it within 14 days if it is postmarked.

Once the product reaches Temu, it’ll undergo quality inspection. Then, you’ll get a refund, which can typically take 5-14 business days.

eBay: You can return the product if it doesn’t match the listing description or it arrives damaged or faulty. If this is the case, the seller is responsible for the cost of return shipping.

However, if you have changed your mind or ordered the wrong item, you’ll need to pay the shipping fee based on the seller’s return policy. As for the refunds, once your return is processed, your amount be refunded to your original payment method within 7 business days.

So, the return policy varies based on the seller. While some sellers offer free returns, others may require buyers to pay for return shipping.

Winner: Temu.


Temu: Temu doesn’t officially support dropshipping yet. They don’t have any built-in features to regulate dropshipping directly from their platform.

eBay: With eBay, dropshipping is possible, including closely representing the product as well as ensuring on-time delivery.

Winner: eBay is the clear winner due to its official support of dropshipping.

Customer Service

Temu: If you need any help, you can visit here to get in touch with Temu’s customer service.

eBay: Visit this page to get help from customer support.

Comparison Table

Product SelectionA large variety, usually trendy or fast-fashion itemsHuge selection of products, including new, used as well as vintage items across all categories
PriceTypically, rock-bottom pricesYou can find great deals and the pricing depends on the sellers or auction format
Product QualitySince it mainly focuses on lower prices, quality can be lowerQuality is reliable, ranging from high to lower based on the seller and their reviews
ShippingFree shipping on most items, but the shipping times can be longerOffers various shipping options and the shipping times are generally faster
DropshippingNot yetYes

Is Temu better than eBay?

There’s no direct answer to whether Temu is better than eBay as it really depends on what your needs and requirements are. If your priority is rock-bottom prices, Temu is mainly known for it, specially for fast-fashion or trendy items.

However, if you value established brands and quality is the main concern, eBay can be the better choice. With large number of sellers, you have a good chance of finding high-quality items.

Furthermore, if you want free shipping and don’t mind waiting, Temu makes the perfect choice. Since products are directly shipped from China, middleman cost is reduced and you’ll get your favorite products for cheaper costs.

Ultimately, the best platform depends on your certain preferences. You can try both platforms and see which suits you the best.


Is Temu like eBay?

Temu and eBay are both online marketplaces that offers a wide range of products across many categories, including electronics, clothing, home goods, and more. However, they differ in most features like pricing, product quality, shipping, etc. as mentioned above.

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