Temu vs DHgate: A Fair and Honest Comparison to Find the Best Value

temu vs dhgate

With Temu’s growth, the competition for affordable online shopping is increasing. Temu has rapidly gained popularity for its huge catalog and inexpensive costs.

But how does it compare against DHgate, which has been in the market for many years? Those who were looking for great wholesale products at discounted prices straight from China have turned to DHgate.

Now, with the introduction of Temu, users have been wondering which can be the right platform for them. In order to make your work easier, we’ve created a Temu vs DHgate post which analyzes their delivery & shipping times, prices, product quality, and the whole online buying. 

Temu vs DHgate: Overview


Imagine a virtual shopping mall offering trendy finds and everyday essentials, all at incredibly discounted prices – that’s Temu! Temu is a rising platform in the online shopping world that offers a wide range of products.

Its main aim is to provide higher-quality merchandise at wholesale prices, thus making it a great place for budget-conscious shoppers.


DHgate is another popular contender in the world of online marketplaces, particularly for those wanting products directly from China. 

While Temu primarily focuses on individual buyers, DHgate caters to both individual buyers and businesses. Here, businesses can find wholesale deals on bulk orders and individuals can access a wider product variety.

Temu vs DHgate: Detailed Comparison!

Product Selection

Temu: It boasts over 10 million products across different categories, including home & garden, beauty & health, fashion, electronics, toys & games, and many more with new arrivals every day.

Temu leans more towards trendy and fast-fashion items, with frequent new arrivals, making it ideal for those chasing the latest looks at low prices.

DHgate: Comprises over 20 million products in categories ranging from industrial machinery, raw materials, electronics, and furniture to wedding dresses, cosmetics, and other non-traditional items. It’s like a one-stop solution for your online purchasing.

Winner: DHgate.

dhgate vs temu


Temu: Temu’s focus on offering low-priced products makes quality a common concern. And its quality mainly varies based on the specific seller you choose. So, there’s no guarantee of consistent quality across the platform.

Nonetheless, it is better to read reviews and check product descriptions carefully before purchasing anything. You can also look for certain details like construction, materials, and functionality.

DHgate: Like Temu, DHgate boasts a massive selection and unbeatable prices on bulk orders, but it raises concerns regarding quality. Well, with a large seller, the quality varies greatly.

Moreover, discounts on bulk orders can lead some sellers to lower-quality materials in order to gain profit margins.

Nonetheless, you can still find high-quality products along with lower production standards. In order to be on the safer side, you can look for detailed reviews mentioning quality, functionality, fit, etc.

Winner: Tie.


Temu: It is primarily known for its deep discounts and constant promotions to attract new consumers. Here, you can get products for as low as $10 and sometimes even below $1.

DHgate: Offers competitive prices, particularly for bulk purchases. In other words, wholesale options with significant discounts are readily available, but individual item pricing might always be the lowest. Nonetheless, large quantities can be very cost-effective.

Winner: Tie on price for individual items. But for bulk deals, DHgate wins. 


Temu: Currently, Temu offers two shipping methods – Standard and Express shipping, which typically takes 6-22 days and 4-11 days respectively for the product to reach your doorstep.

Standard shipping is free on all orders, Express shipping charges $12.90 for orders below $129, and for all orders above or equal to $129, there’s no shipping cost.

DHgate: DHgate offers various shipping options, estimated tracking, and delivery times for each country. These can be based on your requirements, weather conditions, holiday delays, etc.

While making the order, you can check the shipping time and shipping cost. For the US, the ePacket and SINGAPOREPOST services are completely free and typically take 7-12 days and 16-36 days respectively.

Winner: Temu

Returns & Refunds

Temu: If a product is eligible for return and refund, you can return it within 90 days after the day of purchase. Once you’ve returned it, the refund process will be initiated and can take 5-14 business days based on the payment method you’ve selected.

Furthermore, if the issue is not on Temu’s side or the seller’s side, the original shipping fee is not refundable.

DHgate: Though DHgate offers a buyer protection program with a returns and refund policy, it can be a bit complex. You’ll need to contact the seller or open a dispute and give reasons for returns and refunds.

If the issue is on the Seller’s side, the seller will typically cover your return shipping costs. But, if you’ve ordered the wrong item or changed your mind after receiving your order, you might be responsible for return shipping.

Once it is done, the system will process your refund request within 1-2 business days and then it’ll be returned to your account. Refund time for credit or debit and local payment is 7-15 and 1-2 business days respectively.

Winner: Temu. 


Temu: Unfortunately, Temu doesn’t offer dropshipping as they mainly focus on connecting buyers directly with sellers.

DHgate: DHgate can be a viable option for dropshipping and it offers a variety of dropshipping options which you can choose based on your requirements. However, you’ll need to invest time in researching reliable sellers, checking product reviews as well as shipping times and potential returns.

Winner: DHgate

Potential Drawbacks


  • Primarily focuses on trendy products and everyday essentials, with a smaller selection compared to DHgate.
  • Product quality can be inconsistent due to lower prices.
  • Doesn’t offer bulk orders, thus it is not ideal for businesses.


  • Having a huge catalog makes it difficult to navigate for casual shoppers.
  • With so many sellers on the platform, DHgate doesn’t guarantee consistent quality.
  • Its return and refund policy can be time-consuming to navigate. 

Temu vs DHgate: Comparison Table

FocusPrimarily trendy items and everyday itemsOffers a wider variety of products, including everyday essentials, industrial supplies, and trendy items
Product SelectionOver 10 million listingsOver 30 million listings
PriceLower pricesCompetitive prices
QualityPotentially lower due to lower pricesVariable and might require seller research
Bulk OrdersNot idealIdea for bulk orders, offering bulk discounts
ShippingFaster within the USCan be slower due to international shipping
Returns & RefundsWithin 90 days from the day of your purchaseDepends on the seller and it can be time-consuming
DropshippingDoesn’t offer yetCan be a viable option

Is Temu or DHgate better?

Both Temu and DHgate are online marketplaces that connect you with manufacturers directly from China. There is no definitive answer to whether Temu or DHgate is better because it certainly depends on your requirements and preferences.

If you choose Temu, you get trendy items at budget-friendly prices and can be easier to navigate as a casual shopper. However, you can only purchase individual items, making it not ideal for bulk orders.

On the other hand, if you choose DHgate, you’ll get a wider variety of products beyond trendy items and everyday essentials. Moreover, it excels at bulk order fulfillment with potentially significant cost savings.

The only downside is that searching for a seller with good reviews and good-quality products can be time-consuming. So, ultimately, the best platform for you depends on what you prioritize.


Is Temu like DHgate?

Yes, both Temu and DHgate are online marketplaces offering products directly from manufacturers. However, they cater to different requirements.

What is the difference between DHgate and Temu?

DHgate and Temu differ in offering the type and number of products, price, quality, ease of use, etc, as mentioned in the table above.

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