Temu Vs Banggood: A Detailed Comparison [2024]

Temu Vs Banggood

Regularly, we get many shopping platforms compared so that you get to choose the best one according to your preferred style, product selection, pricing, shipping, etc, including Temu and Banggood.

Temu and Banggood are trusted shopping platforms, and although Banggood is the older one, Temu is probably more popular. But, does that mean Temu is better? Or is Banggood a better option for you? 

If you are interested in knowing which of the two shopping platforms is a better option to try out – then continue reading this article because it includes an unbiased comparison between Temu VS Banggood. 

Temu Vs Banggood: Comparison



Temu is a globally popular online marketplace, established by a Chinese e-commerce company. It is known for heavily discounted consumer goods, where prices are mostly lowest in the market, with a huge category list to explore.



Banggood is a shopping platform known for electronics, projectors, phones, scooters, toys, and a million more items to try out. Here, you can shop from trusted and leading brands at reasonable and cheap prices, with a ton of new stuff coming in often.

Product Selection 


One of the main highlights of shopping from Temu is that it offers a big list of categories to explore, including clothing, accessories, electronics, beauty, health, garden, games, toys, sports, home essentials, kitchen essentials, bathroom essentials, and much more. 


Similar to Temu, Banggood is known for covering a good variety of categories, including accessories, clothing, electronic gadgets, home appliances, and more, but when it comes to options under each category, maybe, it has a lower number to offer compared to Temu. 


Winner: Both


Now, to be honest with you – since both the shopping platforms are known for offering products at cheaper rates than other sites, you are not to expect good quality from either of them.

Even after that — it is pretty hard to pick one among the two for better quality than others since it totally depends on different products, your expectations, and sellers.

Therefore, you must be aware that none of the platforms offer a good quality guarantee and that you are required to be cautious while purchasing – making sure that you are reading reviews and checking the ratings before buying. 

Winner: None

Pricing & Offers

As you already know, both Temu and Banggood are known for cheap pricing methods. You also get multiple offers throughout the year to help you save almost every order with different and big promotions coming in often.

Now, for pricing – since both of them offer cheap pricing, and the prices fluctuate according to different conditions, we can’t pick one of the two to be the cheapest shopping platform.

Yet, when it comes to deals and promotions – we certainly saw that Temu refreshes its promotion and deals page often and probably delivers more offers compared to Banggood. 

Additionally, Temu seems to be offering unique kinds of deals and promotions, and also more chances to win bigger rewards like big cash credits, free items, etc,  compared to Banggood. 

Winner: Temu 



The shipping cost and timing from Temu depend on different factors, mainly including your country and the distance between the Temu warehouse and your residence.

However, on average, it takes around 6 to 22 business days to ship through the standard shipping method. As for the express shipping method, it is only available for certain regions and usually takes around 4 to 11 business days to deliver.

Now, for the cost — the standard shipping is free on all the orders for everyone, and you also get free shipping for the express shipping method if your order value goes up from $129. 


Compared to Temu, we can’t say the estimated time for your order, but it does offer standard and expedited shipping methods. Here, the standard method will take anywhere between 15 to 40 days to deliver, and as expected, the expedited option will take less time. 

As for the cost of shipping, there is no free shipping unless we are talking about an offer or a promotion, and it varies, depending on your chosen method between the standard shipping and expedited shipping, and the size or weight of your complete order.

Winner: Temu 

Return & Refunds


You have the option of returning the product within 90 days, counter from the date of purchase. As for the return cost, it will be free on your first return, only if you made it within 90 days after joining, and every time you have an offer or promotion.

Additionally, you will also have to pay for oversized or overweight items that can be reimbursed. Also, the refund will take anywhere between 5 to 14 business days to be shown in your bank account, depending on the payment method you choose. 


Compared to Temu, the return window policy for Banggood is a bit detailed, where – you have 7 days to return the incorrect non-functional or damaged item, 30 days for no quality reason items, and 180 days for quality issues (for selected products). 

As for the cost of return – you will have to pay the shipping at any cost, and the return can be shown in your bank account at any time since the information is not specifically highlighted on the Banggood website. 

Winner: Temu



Temu is a popular shopping platform for finding products that you can sell on your online store – but be aware that Temu does not allow dropshipping officially for any product, which means that you might be indirectly going against its policies.

Also, all orders from Temu come in a unique kind of orange packaging, which also has its branding, so if you are using the same package without making any differences to it to deliver as a package from your brand, then you will be risking your brand’s reputation. 


Unlike Temu, Banggood openly and officially supports dropshipping and allows you to sell products from its platform through your brand. 

Additionally, it also has a special feature named ‘blind shipping’, which does not include its official branding when the parcel is delivered to you, so you can deliver the parcel to the customer through your brand store freely. 

Winner: Banggood


Category & Variety Temu has more variety, and a big list of categories to offer.Banggood has enough variety and a big list of categories to offer. 
QualityThe quality is not guaranteed since the products are cheap. The quality is not guaranteed since products are cheap. 
Pricing & DealsPricing is cheap, but it may have more offers and bigger deals.Prices are cheap, and a good amount of daily deals and promotions. 
Shipping It takes around 6 to 22 business days to deliver. It does not have an estimated date, but can take anywhere between 15 to 40 days. 
Return & Refunds90 days7 days, 30 days, and 180 days according to different terms.
Dropshipping It does not officially allow dropshipping.It officially allows dropshipping.

Final Words: Is Temu Better Than Banggood?

To be honest with you — although Temu has been a winner in almost every title mentioned above, it is only slightly better than Banggood. 

Yes, we know that Temu is far more widespread than Banggood, but technically, if it were not for extra promotions and deals with millions of products in variety – Banggood would be at the same level as Temu. 

Yet, as you have already seen – Temu has won the majority of titles in this article, so we suggest you give it a try, unless you are looking for a platform for your dropshipping business. 

That is all from our side, and we hope our Temu vs Banggood comparison article was able to tell you everything you needed to know. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Temu the same as Banggood?

Yes, Temu and Banggood have multiple similarities as popular shopping platforms, although they are both different brands from different origins and parent companies. 

Is Banggood better than Temu?

No, according to our analysis, Temu is a better option than Banggood, since it offers extra and new promotions and deals often, with more variety.

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