How To Save Items On Temu? [2024]

How To Save Items On Temu

Starting with the introduction – we have Temu, one of the leading marketplaces in the US, mostly known for offering a huge variety of categories at low rates, and let’s not forget about its regular deals which help you save on almost all your orders. 

Now, since you are here, you must also know that shopping on Temu doesn’t offer a really different experience than other platforms, except that we are always delighted to see mega deals available all the time, but do you know what’s the highlight currently? The wishlist button.

Yes, as of May 2024, many customers are finding it hard to favorite items on Temu, and it seems like it has disappeared. So, how to save items on Temu? If you don’t know, then just continue reading because this article includes the perfect answer for you. 

How To Save Items On Temu?

To start with – unfortunately, we currently don’t have the wishlist option like before on Temu and there is no such page where you can find your favorite items.

However, Temu has offered an alternative, which might not be ideal but can do till you get the favorite button back. 

So, here is how you can save items on Temu without a wishlist:

  1. Click on the item you are interested in.
  2. Add it to your cart, and add more items, if you have any.
  3. Once you are done, go to your cart.
  4. Every product will have a black check box on the left side, if you tap on it, it will remove the item from the checkout.
  5. Similarly, you can check and uncheck all the items you want to remove and add to your checkout.
  6. Once you are confirmed, you can go ahead with the checkout. 

Final Words

We know, the above-mentioned method does not allow you to add multiple or even a bunch of items as favorites because adding a lot of items will likely crowd your checkout page, which is simply annoying to start with.

However, this is the only method we can work out with for the time being, and simply pray that Temu gives our wishlist button back soon. 

That is all from our side, and we hope you have received the accurate answer to your question – how to save items on Temu? 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you save products on Temu?

As of May 2024, you can’t save products on Temu to your wishlist page, but you can add all the items you want to your cart and then check and uncheck them to remove and add them from your checkout. 

Can you favorite an item on Temu?

No, as of May 2024, you can’t favorite an item on Temu, but you can add the products to your cart and check or uncheck the boxes to their left on the checkout page to add and remove them from your checkout. 

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