Temu Circle Program [Here’s Everything You Need Before Applying]

Temu Circle Program

Today, we are going to talk about a popular shopping destination in the US – Temu. It is known for cheap products and multiple amazing deals on a huge variety of departments, where you can find almost everything from electronics to household essentials, and much more.

Among all of its highlights – Temu is also popular for offering different ways of saving more, and apart from promotions and coupons, the only way you can get more benefits is through the Temu Circle Program. 

Now, what is the Temu Circle Program? What are its benefits? Is it good for you or not? There are many searching for these answers, and if you are here for the same, then continue reading because this article includes answers to all your questions and queries regarding the Temu Circle Program. 

What Is The Temu Circle Program?

The Temu Circle Program is nothing but similar to any VIP program you might have seen at other brands. It is a membership program exclusive to those who subscribe to the Temu Circle Program to receive special benefits while shopping.

Benefits Of The Temu Circle Program

Below is the list of all the premium benefits of the Temu Circle Program: 

  • Credit back – You will compulsorily receive a credit on all your orders, depending on the total of the order. 
  • Free items – Temu will offer 2 free products worth up to $16 randomly per month.
  • Extra coupons – Unlike regular times, the program will help you get 12X coupons every month.
  • Premium customer service – The program will get you 24/7 premium customer service where you can contact and get help from experts anytime. 
  • Additional promotions – You will get an additional amount off regularly in the name of Circle Deals.
  • Circle day – Whenever it is a Circle day, you will get up to 10% off on all orders and products.


The pricing for the Temu Circle Program per month is only $4, and for this amount, you will get all the additional benefits mentioned above. 

Is The Temu Circle Program Worth It?

Yes, for starters, the majority of the users who have applied for the program seem to be satisfied based on their reviews and ratings about the program.

Additionally, looking at all the advantages you get after applying for the program, the deal is to be taken seriously and you must give it a shot, at least for a month, especially if you are someone who often shops from Temu.

Final Words

Overall, the Temu Circle Program seems like a worthy option if you want to save more and also get premium advantages while shopping.

However, if you are someone who doesn’t shop at Temu often or after months, then it might turn out completely useless for you.

That is all from our side, and we hope our article was able to give you all the answers to your questions about the Temu Circle Program. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does it cost to join the Temu Circle program?

As of May 2024, the Temu Circle Program only costs $4 per month to join the membership and enjoy all the premium benefits.

What is the Temu circle membership?

The Temu Circle membership is like a VIP program for Temu members, where you pay a few dollars per month to enjoy premium benefits while shopping at Temu.

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