What Does Customs Clearance Complete Mean On Temu? [2024]

What Does Customs Clearance Completed Mean on Temu

Temu, which first started its services only inside the US borders, has slowly expanded its business to many countries across the globe, allowing people from different countries to enjoy its services and products.

Now, as you might have already known, there are many different terms introduced to us in recent years from the tracking process, which allows you to exactly know the update of your order.

For the same reason, many users want to know the meaning of ‘custom clearance complete’. So, what does customs clearance complete mean on Temu? Do you have any ideas? We do, and if you are interested in knowing, then simply continue reading.

What Does Customs Clearance Complete Mean On Temu?

The term ‘custom clearance complete’ on Temu simply means that your parcel has successfully been approved by the customs of your country and is ready to move ahead with the rest of the delivery process.

Custom clearance is an important part of the complete delivery process when your parcel is coming to you from another country. 

When it reaches the borders of your country, it will pass through the customs department, where it will be inspected and approved according to specific terms and regulations.

Understanding Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is a necessary department your parcel has to go through according to legal import and export terms and regulations, where the parcel will be checked thoroughly to make sure that it does not contain anything harmful or illegal. 

In this process, your parcel will first reach the Department of ‘declaration’ where all the detailed information will be passed on. 

‘Documentation’ is the next department where you will need to submit all the documents like packing list, permit, commercial invoices, and everything.

On the third position, we have ‘inspection’, where officials physically inspect the goods to make sure that everything is ensured according to the specific safety standards. 

Lastly, we have the ‘duties and taxes’ where you need to pay a small sum in the name of import duties and taxes for the shipment. 

Benefits Of “Customs Clearance Completed”

Customs clearance helps the country and the shipping country in different ways, but to make it short – the following are the major benefits of customs clearance:

  • It is a source of income for your country since they collect duties and taxes.
  • It can reduce imports of products that can help local and domestic industries grow in the country.
  • It can prevent harmful and similar kinds of goods from entering the country.
  • Its update means that your parcel is in the country and will reach you soon.
  • It can lower the chances of delay or similar issues. 

Final Words

So, ‘custom clearance complete’ means that your parcel is in your country, has successfully been approved, and will reach you sooner rather than later, unless it faces any issues.

That is all for this article, and we hope you now know the correct answer to your question – what does customs clearance complete mean on Temu? 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What happens after customs clearance completed on Temu?

If your parcel has completed customs clearance, it means it is approved, is in your country now, and will reach you soon.

Does Temu have to go through customs?

Yes, since Temu ships the majority of its parcels directly from China, it has to go through customs for every country.

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