What Does No Express Shipping Mean On Temu? [2024]

What does No Express Shipping Mean on Temu

Since you are here, you must be aware that we are going to talk one of the most popular shopping platform Temu. Popular for cheap products and a huge collection of items, you also get multiple deals regularly here, which only increase at the time of seasons and occasions.

But, why are we talking about Temu? As you might already know, when we go online shopping, we also get different shipping options where you are required to decide if you want your parcel to be delivered sooner or later. 

Currently, there are some customers seeing the ‘No Express Shipping’ term while placing orders on Temu and are confused about its meaning. So, what does No Express Shipping mean on Temu? If you are also interested to know, then continue reading because the answer is right below. 

What Does No Express Shipping Mean On Temu?

To start with – express shipping is a form of shipping where you get your order sooner through fast delivery, and the No Express Shipping term on Temu simply means that an item, a few items, or all the items in your order are ineligible for express shipping. 

Express Shipping VS Standard Shipping On Temu

Express shipping and standard shipping, not only on Temu, but are generally different, and to give you a better idea of the differences, we have highlighted major differences in the table below:

Express Shipping Standard Shipping 
Express shipping always takes less delivery time compared to standard shipping. For example, if standard shipping takes a week to deliver, then express shipping will take a couple of days.Standard shipping takes less delivery time compared to express shipping. For example, if express shipping takes 3 days to deliver, then standard shipping will take a week or more. 
Express shipping option prioritizes your order over others and sends it over to you sooner, so it costs an extra amount.The standard shipping option handles every order equally, so it doesn’t charge you any extra amount. 
Express shipping might not be available for some items or categories.Standard shipping is always available to cover everything on the shopping platform.
Express shipping option might not be available for some brands since it is the secondary shipping option. Standard shipping option is always available for every online shopping site since it is the primary shipping option. 

Final Words

Overall, the No Express Shipping term you see while placing the order simply means that a part of your order or the complete order is ineligible for express shipping on Temu, so you can either choose the items available for express shipping or go for standard shipping.

With that, we have reached the end of the article, and we hope it was able to give you the correct answer to your question – what does express shipping mean on Temu? 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How to get express shipping on Temu?

The express shipping option on BMO is available for some products and unavailable for others, so you can’t get express shipping on Temu on your own. 

How long does Temu take to ship?

The delivery time for orders from Temu varies according to shipping methods and locations, but usually, the standard shipping will take 6 to 20 days and express shipping will take 4 to 9 days to deliver. 

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