What Does Urge Shipment Mean On Temu? [2024]

What does Urge Shipment Mean on Temu

Today, we are again talking about one of the most famous shopping destinations online in the US and some other parts of the world – Temu. Pretty popular for offering cheap rates for millions of goods, the brand also has tons of promotional offers and deals to help you save every time you order.

But, why are we talking about Temu? If you have used it even for a few times, then you might be aware that it has some unique features to introduce, one of them being the Urge shipment — which seems confusing to many.

So, what does Urge shipment mean on Temu? Does it mean you will get your order faster? Will it cost you more? If you want to know the answers, then continue reading because this article is here to introduce you to the complete Urge shipment term on Temu.

What Does Urge Shipment Mean On Temu?

Urge shipment on Temu is a feature that lets you request faster order processing and shipping of your Temu order. When you choose this option, Temu will prioritize your order, calling it a ‘hot order’, which might also reduce the time it takes to reach you. 

On the contrary, many users have claimed that it doesn’t really do anything, and doesn’t take less time to arrive — so it is a failed strategy to be used by Temu. 

Things To Consider For Urge Shipment

For starters, you must know that it doesn’t really come with any highlights, and although it means urgent shipment and your order is being prioritized, you must be aware that it is not an exclusive feature. 

Since Temu offers the service free of charge, thousands will be using the feature to request faster processing, which will automatically lead to an increase in the ‘hot order’ section, so, your Urge shipment order might as well just take just as long as standard shipping orders. 

In addition to that, although Temu seems to be offering the shipment service for free for now, it might start charging an additional fee soon enough, or some products will be excluded from being shipped through Urge shipment.


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Final Words

As you might have already read – the Urge shipment sounds good in the name, but it doesn’t do any good to you most of the time, and since we are talking about Temu, there’s no way there will be a day when it will receive fewer requests for standard shipping orders, let alone ‘hot orders’. 

So, since it is free, you might give it a shot and choose the option, but just know that you will be disappointed if you really believe that your order will arrive sooner than the usual waiting time.

With that, we have reached the end of the article, and you know the answer to your question – what does Urge shipment mean on Temu? 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Urge shipment on Temu cost additional money?

No, as of May 2024, the Urge shipment option on Temu doesn’t cost any additional money, and for free, you can simply choose the option and the Urge shipping will be applied to your order. 

What does Urge shipment do on Temu?

The Urge shipment option for shipping on Temu allows you to choose the urgent shipping option for free and lets Temu prioritize your order over other regular ones. 

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