3 Games On Temu To Get Free Stuff! [2024]

Games On Temu To Get Free Stuff

Today we are going to talk about Temu, the popular shopping giant from China that has acquired a good part of the online shopping market globally. It is popular not only for its cheap prices but also because it always has some kind of deals to help you save more on every order.

Temu has also introduced some kind of in-app games that allow you to earn rewards, which also include free stuff. Yes, you heard correctly — Temu offers a few games with different gameplay where you need to reach a certain level to unlock the rewards.

However, what do you know about these games? Do you know how to play them? Many customers are worried about the same thing, but if you also want to know about those 3 games on Temu to get free stuff, then all you need to do is continue reading the article below. 

List Of Games On Temu To Get Free Stuff:


temu fishland

Temu Fishland is a mobile game, added to the Temu shopping app, where you play in a fish tank simulation environment to collect, breed, and take care of your virtual set of fish.

In simple words, you have to continuously collect and breed fish, starting by creating a virtual aquarium and making sure it is clean and clear, you have to feed your fish, decorate the aquarium with different items, complete quests, and do more to earn the reward at the end. 


Farmland comes with a similar easy gameplay as the first game – a minigame that has been added to the Temu shopping app, where your main objective is to manage a virtual farm, while you do some other activities like planting and harvesting. 

Here, you need to do a couple of activities like watering your crops, and while you level up and progress with your crops, the amount of water needed will increase too so keep an eye on that, and at the end, when the crops are done, you will receive the reward. 

Spin Wheel

Spin Wheel, as you might have already guessed, is not exactly a game, but since it requires you to spin the wheel and is listed under the category, it can be considered one for the time being. 

Spin Wheel doesn’t really have any gameplay, and all you have to do is keep checking if it is time to spin the wheel, and when it is, just spin the wheel, and pray that the pointer stops at the gift you wanted, and once the pointer stops, you will receive the reward, whether it is a coupon code or free stuff, automatically. 

Final Words

Overall, the above-mentioned games are the most popular games on Temu, and although the list includes a couple more names, those games merely ask you to share the app and invite your friends and family, so they don’t exactly count as a game. 

Also, some popular games are only limited-time deals, which come with a deadline, so be aware of that, although we have heard rumors that the above-mentioned game doesn’t let you level up, many people have been successful, so you should try your best too.

With that, we have reached the end of the article, and we hope our list of the 3 games on Temu to get free stuff was helpful to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What games are on Temu?

The two most popular Temu games available all the time to play without any deadline are Fishland and Farmland, and apart from this, all the other titles at either referral programs or limited-time contests. 

Is it possible to win Temu games?

We have heard plenty of rumors and opinions about the Temu games where users stated that they were not able to reach the end of the games because the levels were too hard. But, we also have users successfully leveling up and claiming the rewards, so you just need to try harder.

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