Does Temu Ship to Greece? [Temu Greece Guide]

Temu is an online marketplace that has taken the online shopping world by storm, alluring budget-conscious customers with its unbelievably low prices and deep discounts.

Like several shoppers, shoppers in Greece have heard the buzz about Temu’s incredible discounts which made them think about whether Temu ships to Greece so that they can join the shopping spree.  

Well, the direct answer to your question is YES. Now, if you are wondering about the shipping time and cost, don’t worry. Keep on reading this article to know detailed information on Temu’s Greece shipping time and cost.

Does Temu Ship to Greece?

As Temu mainly focuses on established markets, it ships to Greece. Thus, you can browse Temu and find exclusive products at cheaper prices.

How long does Temu take to ship to Greece?

Temu currently offers two shipping methods whose shipping time varies based on the option you’ve selected. Standard Shipping typically takes 6-22 days and Express shipping time is around 4-11 days.

However, your orders are handed over to different carriers for the final delivery, so tracking might not be available every step of the way.

Temu Greece Shipping Cost

Temu’s Standard shipping method is free for all orders, whereas Express shipping costs $12.90 for orders below $129, and orders above or equal to $129 are free.

Temu Alternatives in Greece

  • Skroutz: One of the leading e-commerce platforms offering a vast product selection from various retailers and also lets you compare prices and find the best deals from different sellers.
  • Amazon: Offers a wide variety of products from electronics and home goods to fashion and beauty products. The Prime membership unlocks extra benefits like free one-day or two-day delivery, access to exclusive deals, and streaming services.
  • Best Price: Another popular online store known for its competitive prices and a good selection of products across different categories, including appliances, electronics, furniture, and more.

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