Does Temu Ship to Romania? [Temu Romania Guide]

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One of the popular rising stars in the online retail market – Temu, has captured the attention of many budget-conscious shoppers around the world.

Likewise, shoppers in Romania have also heard of Temu which made them wonder if Temu ships to Romania. Well, with its incredible deals, discounts, and vast product selection, it’s no wonder value-conscious shoppers across the world are curious about shopping on Temu.

Now, the answer to your question is YES. Temu currently ships to Romania. If you want to get a comprehensive overview of Temu, read the guide below where you’ll also get to explore Temu’s alternative options for fulfilling your shopping desire.  

Does Temu Ship to Romania?

Yes, Temu directly ships to Romania. So, you can explore this e-commerce platform and get the best products at discounted prices.

How long does Temu take to ship to Romania?

Temu typically offers standard and express shipping options, which usually take 6-22 and 4-11 days respectively. However, shipping time can be affected by various factors, including order processing, product availability, and your location in Romania.

In other words, as all the packages are given to local delivery services for the final delivery, the delivery time can differ. Moreover, remote areas might also experience longer waiting times than usual.

Temu Romania Shipping Cost

While standard shipping is free on all orders, choosing express shipping might charge you a fee. If your orders are below $129, you’ll be charged a shipping fee of $12.90, but if your orders are above or equal to $129, there will be no shipping fee.

Temu Alternatives in Romania

  • eMAG: Leading online marketplace with a massive product selection across different categories like electronics, fashion, homeware, and many more.
  • Flanco: Offers electronics, IT products, home appliances, etc, at competitive prices. It also offers frequent promotions and convenient features like extended warranties and product demonstrations.
  • Another popular online retailer that boasts a wide range of products, including home appliances, electronics, furniture, and more. It regularly runs sales and promotions, making it a great Temu alternative for finding deals. 

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