Does Temu Ship to South Korea? [Temu South Korea Guide]

does temu ship to south korea

Temu, a popular online shopping marketplace, offers a wide range of products at discounted prices. It has gained significant traction for its budget-friendly deals and extensive selection.

Because of these reasons, many people, including those in South Korea are wondering if Temu ship to their country. Well, the answer is YES.  

If you want a detailed guide on Temu South Korea, check out the article below where you’ll get to know about the shipping time and cost as well as Temu alternatives in South Korea.

Does Temu Ship to South Korea?

Yes, Temu recently expanded its market to include South Korea, thus making it a convenient option for South Korean budget-conscious consumers seeking good deals.

So, browse Temu’s vast product catalog and enjoy the benefits of Temu’s discounted prices.

How long does Temu take to ship to South Korea?

Currently, Temu only offers standard shipping methods to South Korea which usually takes 6-14 days for the product to reach your doorstep.

However, note that this is only just an estimate as your orders are handed over to local carriers for the final delivery, it can change.  

Temu South Korea Shipping Cost

Standard shipping is free on all orders. Nonetheless, if you want to see the accurate shipping cost, add items to your cart, select the desired shipping method, and then press confirm. Then, you’ll get the corresponding costs before finalizing your purchase.

Temu Alternatives in South Korea

  • Coupang: Mainly known for its incredibly fast delivery times and a vast selection of products. However, you might not always get the products at the lowest prices.  
  • Gmarket: Another major online marketplace in the South Korean market that offers a huge selection of products from both domestic and international sellers.
  • Musina: A leading online fashion seller that is particularly famous for trendy clothing and accessories along with a small selection of beauty and lifestyle products.
  • AliExpress: The best platform for those seeking the lowest possible prices on a large selection of products. 

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