Does Temu Ship to Malaysia? [Temu Malaysia Guide 2024]

does temu ship to malaysia

Have you heard about Temu, an online discount retailer that’s been making waves in recent times? Temu is an online marketplace where you get various products, including electronics and clothing at lower prices.

Like a lot of people, many Malaysians are curious whether they can actually shop on Temu and get their items delivered straight to their doorstep.

The good news is, if you reside in Malaysia and are wondering if Temu ships to your country, then the answer is YES. Keep on reading this guide to get all the details you want to know about shopping on Temu in Malaysia.

Does Temu Ship to Malaysia?

Yes, Temu does ship to Malaysia. You can definitely shop on Temu and explore their exciting deals directly in Malaysia. They have launched their service in Malaysia specifically in September 2023, making it the second Southeast Asia market after the Philippines.

So, browse the wide selection of products and have them conveniently shipped to your location, that is, straight to your doorstep.

How long does Temu Take to Ship to Malaysia?

Temu currently offers two shipping methods – Standard Shipping and Express Shipping which takes 6-22 and 4-11 days respectively for the products to reach your doorstep.

Though tracking information will be available all along, sometimes tracking might not be available every step of the way as these deliveries may be handed over to local carriers for the final delivery.

Temu Malaysia Shipping Cost

As already mentioned, it offers two shipping methods, which are Standard and Express shipping. While Standard shipping is free on all orders, Express shipping costs $12 for orders below $129 and for all the orders above or equal to $129, shipping is entirely free.

Temu Alternatives in Malaysia

As Temu is a relatively new platform in the Malaysian e-commerce market, you might be looking for alternatives that offers a wider product selection or features. Below are some popular Temu alternatives in Malaysia.

  • Lazada: Boasts a comprehensive product catalog, including well-known international brands along with local sellers.
  • AliExpress: It is an online marketplace with independent sellers that offers affordable goods and services.
  • Shopee: Offers a vast product selection, ranging from fashion and electronics to homeware and groceries.
  • SHEIN: Another global shopping platform that connects you with suppliers across the world and lets you easily buy clothing items at discounted prices.


Is Temu Malaysia Legit?

Yes. Temu Malaysia is a legitimate website and mobile app that offers a wide range of products and services at cheaper prices. And it has implemented security measures to protect your data and financial information.

Does Temu provide free shipping in Malaysia?

Currently, Temu offers free standard shipping in Malaysia for almost all orders. But the catch is that it takes around 25 days for the product to reach your doorstep. 

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