Does Temu Ship to Denmark? [Temu Denmark Guide 2024]

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Temu is a rising star in the world of online marketplace where you can get a variety of products at discounted prices. Thus, it’s not a surprise that many Danish customers are curious about it.

Users are wondering if they could shop in Temu if they are based in Denmark. Well, the answer is YES.

In order to know more information on whether Temu ship to Denmark or not, keep on reading this guide and by the end of this guide, you’ll have a clear understanding of your queries.

Does Temu Ship to Denmark?

Yes, Temu ships directly to Denmark. So, browse Temu and find unique products at unique deals and discounts.

How long does Temu Ship to Denmark?

Temu currently offers two shipping methods – Standard Shipping and Express Shipping which takes 6-22 and 4-11 days respectively for the products to reach your doorstep.

However, note that the tracking information might not be available all the time as your package is handed over to the local delivery service for the final delivery. 

Temu Denmark Shipping Cost

It offers two shipping options – Standard and Express shipping. While Standard shipping is free on all orders, Express shipping costs $12 for orders below $129 and for all orders above or equal to $129, shipping is entirely free.


Is Temu Denmark Legit?

While Temu is a legitimate company with a huge customer base, you can directly shop on Temu and get it delivered to your Denmark address.

Does Temu provide free shipping in Denmark?

Typically, Temu offers free shipping for all standard shipping methods. But if you choose Express shipping, you might need to pay additional costs. 

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