How To Search Codes On Temu? Explained [2024]

How to Search Codes on Temu

We all know Temu is famous for cheap prices and a good variety of options under every category – when one of its main highlights is that it offers multiple deals, sales, and discounts all the time of the year, and you can save on almost every order.

Now, we know Temu sends emails and text messages talking about its latest promotions and details, but what if you don’t want to go through your history and want to search the code right on the website or app? A nice idea.

But – how to search codes on Temu? Do you know the answer? We do, and if you are interested in knowing, then all you have to do is have a look at the article below because it contains a step-by-step guide on how you can search for codes on Temu.

How To Search Codes On Temu?

Searching for coupons and discount codes on Temu directly can help you search for the one that fits your preference, and since Temu always has at least a couple of deals going on, it will be easier for you. 

So, without wasting more time – here is the step-by-step guide we promised on how you can search for codes on Temu:  

  1. Open the Temu app or visit its official website.
  2. On the search bar at the top of the homepage – you need to type anything related to codes, like ‘promotion’ or, ‘discount’, and they will come in the results.
  3. You can also type in the product you are interested in on the search bar, and if that product has any ongoing sale or discount, you will be able to see it and apply accordingly.

In case the aforementioned guide did not work for you, then you can simply scroll down on the homepage of the app or website, and you will be able to see the banners of all the ongoing sales and promotions on Temu. 

Furthermore, you can click on any banner that you like, and have a look at the rules and regulations of the promotion to shop according to that. 

Final Words

Overall — searching for codes on the Temu app or website is not a complicated process, and honestly, the homepage method mentioned above is the easiest one among the two.

That is all from our side, and we hope you know how to search codes on Temu.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find codes on Temu?

To find codes on Temu, just visit the Temu app or website, scroll down on the homepage, and you will see the banners for all the ongoing sales, promotions, and contests on Temu. 

How to search code on the Temu app?

To search for codes on the Temu app, open the app, search for ‘promo’ or ‘discount’ on the search bar, and all the ongoing promotions and discount offers will come in the results.

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