How To Get More Water On Farmland Temu? 7+ Ways Explained [2024]

How to Get More Water on Farmland Temu

Farmland is a fun game you play on Temu to earn additional rewards and free stuff from Temu, which is automatically added to your next purchase with the brand, and with its fun and simple gameplay, anyone would want to give it a try.

However, Temu works with a smart strategy – it allows you to see your progress and the rewards you have earned, but as you progress in the game and your crops grow, they start to take extra time for the growth.

Now, the only way to fight with the strategy is to get more water to water the crops — but, how to get more water on farmland Temu? You got any ideas? We do, in fact, plenty of them, and if you’re interested to know, then have a look at the article below. 

How To Get More Water On Farmland Temu?

Tasks & Goals 

Farmland offers enough tasks and goals to complete and offers different rewards upon completion, which can help you get more water to harvest crops faster, and also help with animals.

Daily Bonus

Have you heard about the daily login bonus? Temu has that advantage – where all you have to do is make sure you are opening the Temu app regularly and claiming the daily login reward, which can sometimes give you extra water for your farm.

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Watch Videos

We know watching short advertisement videos is super annoying, but if you genuinely want to get more water for your farm, then you have to try this method – watch short video ads and get extra water in the form of rewards. 

Manage Usage

If you are in dire need of extra water, then you should consider managing the way you use the water – don’t use it on unnecessary things like decorations or refreshing the crops. 

Grow Effectively 

Since the game allows you to decide what kind of crops you want to plant – you can prioritize choosing the plants that can harvest sooner and require less water. 

Upgrade Well

You should consider investing in upgrading the water well so that you can have more water storage and can store and save extra water whenever you want. 

Purchase Water

As of June 2024, Temu has not offered any in-game purchases, but sometimes it might give you the opportunity to purchase the water directly, so you can go for that method, although it is the least suggested one because it requires real money.

Social Methods To Get More Water

Join Temu Game Communities 

If you can, then joining Temu game communities on forums and social media platforms can help you get more water because sometimes the leaders or the rich members give you extra water, which can easily boost your water resource. 

Ask A Friend 

Sometimes you can consider asking a friend or a group of friends in the community for extra water whenever you want it urgently, although you will also have to help them if they help you. 

Final Words

In conclusion – there are plenty of ways to get more water for your farm in the farmland game, and the easiest ones, according to us, are the daily login bonus or completing tasks and goals, which won’t be that hard. 

That is all from our side, and we hope you know how to get more water on farmland Temu. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the Farmland game on Temu legit?

Yes, the farmland game on the Temu app is legit and not fake, and it genuinely helps you get free stuff and other deals as rewards.

How does farmland work on Temu?

The farmland game in the Temu app requires you to take care of your farm, and you have to make sure you are watering your plants and taking care of your animals to reach the ending level to win the reward. 

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