How Does Temu Know Your Device? [Revealed 2024]

How Does Temu Know Your Device

We all know that Temu is trusted globally, and has a customer base of millions. It started with US citizens but has eventually opened gates for many other countries, majorly from the European continent.

Now, as much as we love this cheap marketplace, we have heard enough rumors to be concerned about our safety at Temu on Social media.

So, many are curious — how does Temu know your device? Is it able to track you? How does it know that it is you and not someone else? Answers to these questions and more are mentioned below, so don’t waste time and dive right in!

How Does Temu Know Your Device?

We know that online shopping comes with its fair share of disadvantages, and so many Temu customers are interested to know how Temu knows their devices and how it identifies them.

To answer them – Temu does not use any virus or anything but uses cookies to identify your device and you. When you first visit Temu, it automatically saves a part of your identity through cookies, and when you come back, it makes it easy to identify that it is you. 

Along with that, the device ID is a unique kind of identifier, which is specifically created for cell phones and tablets. This unique identifier helps Temu to quickly identify your device among millions of others, and also differentiate it between iPhones and Androids. 

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How Does Temu Know You’re Not A New User?

We have seen customers trying to download the app through a different user ID, reinstall the Temu app, and still get caught red-handed by the app.

Now, again, this is not because Temu is breaking any laws or spying on you in any way, while it has also not installed any kind of sneaky software in your device, and all this is only possible through the device ID unique identifier we have mentioned above. 

Final Words

In conclusion, since Temu has always denied accusations of stealing your data and selling it to third parties while we also have no proper proof of this claim, you are safe to continue shopping.

Yet, since we had some users coming in with actual proof of their accounts and bank accounts being hacked after adding personal information on Temu, we suggest you consider preventive measures while shopping online and not only on Temu. 

That is all from our side, and hope we gave you a proper answer to your question – how does Temu know your device?

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Temu have access to your phone?

No, the Temu app does ask for permission to access some applications on your phone, but that is solely for business purposes and not to access your cell in some weird way. 

Does Temu access your photos?

No, we don’t think the official Temu app asks permission to access your photos, and even if it does, you have the right to deny access or change the settings if you didn’t before. 

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